Tryst Whipped Cream Moisturizer Tube $72/case, $12/ea


Regular price $ 72.00
Tryst Whipped Cream Moisturizer Tube $72/case, $12/ea

The ultimate nourishment for your skin with concentrated ingredients and exceptional performance.

Fragrance is abounding with intense green florals, jasmine and fleur d'orangery, Tryst offers all the romance and splendor of a secret encounter.

Head-to-toe skin care.  Here's why you'll love it!

  • Good for all skin types
  • Holds in skin's natural moisture
  • Vitamin B for anti-aging
  • Aloe Vera provides nutrition and soothes skin
  • Shea Butter, Vitamin A & E supply antioxidants & replenish skin
  • Vitamin C increases collagen levels, brightens skin and aids in repair of effects of sun exposure

Item #12-01040

6 oz.

Casepack: 6

Price per unit: $12

Price per case: $72

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