Tryst Dusting Silk in Organza Bag $102/case, $17/ea


Regular price $ 102.00
Tryst Dusting Silk in Organza Bag $102/case, $17/ea

Finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, blended with silk and plant extracts.

Fragrance is abounding with intense green florals, jasmine and fleur d'orangery, Tryst offers all the romance and splendor of a secret encounter.

A naturally absorbent powder that softens, soothes and protects while delicately perfuming the skin.  A plastic bag inside the organza holds the refill for the Tryst Dusting Silk Shaker.  Simply snip a small triangular corner and pour into the shaker.  Pouch can also be placed in your lingerie drawer as a sachet until ready to refill the shaker. 

Item #14-01001

3 oz. 

Casepack: 6

Price per unit: $17

Price per case: $102

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