Tryst Deluxe Body Brush $96/case, $16/ea


Regular price $ 96.00
Tryst Deluxe Body Brush $96/case, $16/ea
Tryst Deluxe Body Brush $96/case, $16/ea

A gentle shake releases the dusting silk into the bristles. 

Fragrance is abounding with intense green florals, jasmine and fleur d'orangery, Tryst offers all the romance and splendor of a secret encounter.

Before using, twist the brush off the handle.  Remove seal and replace brush before using.  Easy to use and travel with, this acrylic handled dusting brush is refillable with your favorite Lady Primrose dusting silk. Available in all collections.

Item #14-01143TR

.5 oz. 

Casepack: 6

Price per unit: $16

Price per case: $96

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