Royal Extract Bathing Gel in Honey Pot $66/case, $22/ea


Regular price $ 66.00
Royal Extract Bathing Gel in Honey Pot $66/case, $22/ea

Sweet golden honey harmoniously blended with healing Royal Jelly creates a rich medley of natural moisturizers and cleansers.

This luscious bathing gel smells and feels divine. You'll love the mounds of bubbles the bathing gel makes as you pour into your tub. When empty, the lucite Honey Pot can be filled with honey and served with tea and toast.

Fragrance is creamy milk, sweet golden honey and apple blossoms resting on a bed of precious woods.

Item #13-01013

5" tall. 4 oz.

Casepack: 3

Price per unit: $22

Price per case: $66

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