Rosemary Mint Lidded Candle $40/case, $10/ea


Regular price $ 40.00
Rosemary Mint Lidded Candle $40/case, $10/ea


Fragrance your space with Rosemary Mint.

Lidded candle is great for your own spaces or as a gift.  Use the lid under the glass to protect your surface. Refreshing blend of crisp mint, rosemary and warm sage.

Part of our purenature collection, Rosemary Mint offers a natural, eco-responsible choice; good for the body and good for the earth. Paraben, sulfate & dye-free with Vitamins, essentials oils and natural extracts. Coconut based surfactants, pH balanced for all skin types. 100% biodegradable with mild ingredients in recyclable containers

10 oz.    Item #18-01218

Casepack: 4

Price per unit: $10

Price per case: $40

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