Royal Extract & Celadon

Royal Extract Handwash in Lucite Pump NEW $81/case, $27/ea


Regular price $ 81.00
Royal Extract Handwash in Lucite Pump NEW $81/case, $27/ea

The ultimate nourishment for your skin with concentrated ingredients and exceptional performance.

Enriched with Vitamin E, aloe, Royal Jelly and honey to moisturize and soothe, licorice extract to reduce the appearance of age spots, and mild surfactants to cleanse. 

Packaged in an elegant lucite pump that will compliment any decor.

Fragrance is creamy milk, sweet golden honey and apple blossoms resting on a bed of precious woods.

Item #16-02200

6 oz.

Casepack: 6

Price per unit: $27

Price per case: $81

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