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Momentous Dusting Silk in Organza Bag $78/case, $13/ea


Regular price $ 78.00
Momentous Dusting Silk in Organza Bag $78/case, $13/ea

Finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers, blended with silk and plant extracts, create a naturally absorbent powder that softens, soothes and protects while delicately perfuming the skin. 

Organza bag holds the refill for the Momentous Dusting Silk Shaker - simply snip a small triangular corner and pour into the shaker.  Can also be placed in your lingerie drawer as a sachet until ready to refill the shaker.

Item #14-01109R

3 oz. 

Casepack: 6

Price per unit: $13

Price per case: $78

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